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        2. CS2 Sterile Tissue Grinders for More Aggressive Grinding

          ? Vitrified pestle tips for tougher tissues

          ? Same closed system for your safety

          CS2 Sterile Tissue Grinders are similar to the CS1 grinders but with a vitrified tip for more aggressive grinding of difficult samples. The proprietary silica casting process results in a glass-like abrasive tip surface that makes it easier to homogenize fibrous samples. The closed system design allows for grinding to take place within a sealed container. Each grinder comes with a fully assembled pestle, a conical sample tube with solid top cap, an adhesive identification label and an instruction card. All are gamma sterilized in easy-open packs. Tubes are made of PP, pestles are 30% glass-filled PP, caps are HDPE and vitrified tips are cast silica.


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